Performance Coaching is, in short, a process of unlocking a person's potential to optimise their life. Raphan, as your coach, will help you facilitate your development and action planning in order to bring about the positive and lasting changes you would most benefit from.


Who is it for? 

For those wanting to dare and create a better life for themselves

and are willing to develop the discipline to do so.

Raphan has been a coach and a mentor to many for the past decade. Often using the practice of Yoga as a tool toward developing a greater sense and awareness of each client’s potential, but also by acting as a big brother to whom nothing is off-limit nor is to be judged, no matter how silly or extravagant clients may think their goals and wants are.

 Raphan himself has had to endure many physical, professional, and personal tragedies which he has managed to surmount and eventually turn to his advantage. He now proudly helps others contextualise what is needed to be done in order to achieve what is wanted, and provides guidance on how to optimise each of his clients’ potential and history. 

Raphan’s mission as a coach is to give you support in the writing of your very own story, making it purposeful and powerful, and in building your capacity to become magnificent.

Here’s what to expect from a coaching program

  • A complimentary 30-minute informal discussion – this is where I find out where you are now, where you wish to be and how to help get you there! It’s also a great opportunity to find out if we’re a good fit

  • A number of sessions based on your needs and availabilities; these are normally every 7-10 days either face to face, telephone or Skype

  • Email support throughout your program

  • Coaching Packages start from £647 (payment plans available)

  • If you are ready to commit to changing your life for the better by connecting with whom you truly can be, by gaining clarity of actions and developing sustainable habits that will positively impact your personal, social, and professional life, then please complete the coaching interest form below and Raphan will be in touch with you shortly.


Contact Raphan to express your interest in having him as your coach