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The workshop-podcast where Teachers discuss what it is, what it means, and what it takes to teach what they love. 

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Food & Vibrancy

with Abi Manders, Nutrition & Wellness Coach

Can Food Really Make You Feel Energised, Vibrant and Strong? 

Abi Manders helps women ditch the funky digestion and excess weight, so they feel energised and confident to tackle whatever life throws at them.

On Monday you'll have the chance to cook a nourishing detox soup alongside Abi in her kitchen, before a group discussion on how we can add simple tweaks to our diet, to feel the very best, physically and emotionally. 

Abi's approach to food is intuitive and a he encourages her clients to listen to their bodies, to get tuned in to what it needs, and will be sharing practical advice for how you can do the same. 

Registrants will also receive a free 7 day meal plan and recipe book from her recent RESET programme. Got a specific question for Abi? 


about the TALKING TEACHING & FLOW online workshop-podcasts

Online MOVEMENT & DISCUSSION-based WORKSHOPS led and hosted by Raphan, with guests co-teachers, about different topics at the heart of our practice of teaching in the current times. 

OPEN to all practitioners, coaches, and teachers of MOVEMENT / YOGA / DANCE / PILATES / MOVEMENT / FITNESS / & MINDFULNESS disciplines who feel would benefit from a little guidance and whole leap of inspiration from experienced and generous teachers and trainers. 

We will share ideas and offer guidance with regards to practice AND teaching with everyone willing to try, share, and discuss options.

Do come join us, ask questions, offer your take on things, and help us grow the practice of teaching to new heights.



My guest was Dr Saida Désilets, PhD who is a thought-leader, speaker, and ‘Succulence Revolutionary’ on the growing edge of researching how women can use their minds, bodies, and spirits to create richer lives through their sensual selves.

To flow, to feel, to explore oneself in order to know and love oneself more

And, how do we teach all of this?

• & more...

Led & hosted by Raphan with live guests,

 on Sunday 17th May 2020

Finding Your Voice Through A Screen

with teachers and trainers 

Tatjana Mesar - Dynamic Yoga (Berlin, Germany)

and Vincent Bolletta - Hansa Yoga (NZ/China)

+ live guests, recorded on Saturday 02 May 2020

Teaching for free: why and why not!?

• Is what we teach so valuable that we shouldn't charge for it, or is it something else!?

• Can we call it a business if we don't charge for our services?

        with teachers and coaches

Frey Faust - Axis Syllabus  (Berlin - Germany)

and Kate Scanlan - Scannerinc  (London - UK)

+ live guests, recorded on Saturday 09 May 2020

Teaching Online - learning & teaching curves & how to make it work

• The technology: Zoom/Skype, music, the gadgets needed, & the various mindf**ks involved & how to resolve them

• The psychology of connection vs the feeling of being distant because we can't touch

• A "new" way to learn, and as such teach.

• & more...

Led & hosted by Raphan with live guests,

on Saturday 25 April 2020