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Scirocco sequence



Born out of Raphan's need for both an individual and collective artistic expression of Vinyasa Yoga, SPACE & FLOW is a movement practice promoting kinaesthetic awareness and 'learning through the body' as the greatest agents for positive personal and social change. 


Weekly S&F classes @ Indaba Yoga Studio, in Marylebone - London 

Tuesday 6pm to 7.30pm

Friday 6.30pm to 8pm


• @ Le Tigre, Paris/Lyon, France: Monthly masterclasses every last weekend of the month in 2020

• @ Movement Studio, London: 15 February 

• @ The Space Como, Como, Italy: 14/15 March

• @ Yoga Arts Festival, La Rochelle, France: 21/24 May

•  See below for more dates, and be in touch if you'd like to organise a workshop or a series of movement/Vinyasa masterclasses with Raphan


• 200h (level 1) Y.A accredited teacher training in Como, Italy. 

Stage 1 February & stage 2 June 2020

• SPACE & FLOW Vinyasa Yoga Y.A accredited teacher training (advanced 300h) in Paris, France. Starting in October 2020. 


Tigre Yoga, Paris (in French/en Francais)

2020: Janvier 25  Marais Samedi 14h45- 17h15

Février 29/ mars 01 Marais Samedi 14h45 - 17h15 / Rive Gauche Dimanche 11h30 - 14h

Mars 28/29 Lyon 

Avril 25/26 Marais Samedi 14h45 - 17h15 / Rive Gauche Dimanche 11h30 - 14h

Mai 30/31 Marais Samedi 14h45 - 17h15 / Rive Gauche Dimanche 11h30 - 14h

Juin 27/28 Marais Samedi 14h45 - 17h15 / Rive Gauche Dimanche 11h30 - 14h

Movement Studio, Moorgate, London

15 February 2020 - Workshop “S&F Dynamic Warm Up”

The “Dynamic Warm Up” (& its variants) is used in every S&F class and workshop. In it is the S&F vocabulary, both physical and verbal and the set ups for the Flow sequences to follow. 

In this workshop we will delve into some of the Why’s, some of the nuts and bolts of the actual sequencing, into some of the language used (as opposed to not.. ie movement vs posture), and into some of the points and questions attendees will bring up and share. 

Whilst I recommend this session to teachers who are regulars/semi-regulars to my classes I welcome those interested in how a flow and seemingly improvised vinyasa class can actually be structured within the first 20 minutes or so of a class. 

The Movement Studio is a small, delightful, and intimate studio in Moorgate with only enough room for twelve (12) people. Book SOON. 

£35 per person - 

The Space Como, Como, Italy

14/15 March 2020 - Workshop series 'Free The Mind of Your Spine'

More info & Bookings HERE

Yoga Arts Festival, La Rochelle, France

 21/24 May 2020 - a series of workshops and collaborations between artists and Yoga teachers

Stable Yoga, Kintbury

06 June 2020

My Yoga Pop Festival, Argeles-Sur-Mer, France

03/04 October 2020

More dates to be added!



A 200 hour intensive teacher training programme, where over the course of 18 days divided into part one (9 days) and part two (9 days) you will be immersed in the practices and teachings of yoga. Set in the idyllic location of Como, with an intimate group of only 10 people. You will be part of an experiential learning programme.


Phase 1 February 1 – February 9, 2020

Interphase February 10 – June 12, 2020

Phase 2 June 13 – June 21, 2020

• SPACE & FLOW YOGA - 300H Advanced Teacher Training

More details to follow very soon .. stay tuned!


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